Luke had R2D2. Kirk, the Enterprise.  And what would Dorothy do without her ruby slippers? Each of them boldly went where few had gone before...with a little help.

Meet Triptuner

TripTuner is a fun, new travel discovery tool that helps you easily find destinations based on your tastes, create wishlists, and share it all with friends and travel partners.

Launched in October 2011, TripTuner evolved from a year-long trip around the world taken by our founder, Tedd Evers. Facing a world of options, Tedd struggled. He scoured guidebooks, queried friends of friends of friends, or relied on info from strangers. Sound familiar? There had to be an easier way, he thought.

That was a decade ago. Today, we have even more info – too much – yet we still have trouble finding the right place for a last-minute getaway or summer vacation. We have to do “research.” We type into search boxes, hoping for good results. We click tons of links, going back and forth scanning articles, photos and reviews from strangers or the occasional friend who “knows it all.” Ugh.

TripTuner effortlessly cuts through the clutter to show only the places that match your preferences. There’s no typing, no lists, and no waiting for results.  Just compelling images of personalized travel options, delivered instantly. Let’s leave research to the scientists, and get on with that well-earned vacation!

Here’s How We Do It

Inspired by a stereo equalizer, TripTuner’s descriptive sliders let you fine-tune preferences and see matching results immediately. Our trip-planning algorithms deliver customized results based on top travel criteria – high-end or thrifty, remote or lively, for example -- and hundreds of personally visited destinations around the world. Tune your preferences and watch our patent-pending technology deliver vivid photos of places just right for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Fine-Tuned Discovery
Tune the right mix of qualities for you. Want to relax, with a bit of activity? We’ll serve up places that blend both.

Easy and Fun
No typing, no searching, no analysis. Adjust the sliders and matching trip images appear.

Trusted Guidance
We’re friends who’ve been there, with years of industry experience and hundreds of destinations visited.

TEDD EVERS – Founder

Tedd founded TripTuner after a successful 10+ year career in online travel. Most recently he was the Chief Revenue Officer for travel video startup Voyage.tv in New York. Before that, he led the global hotels business at Barcelona-based eDreams.com, a leading European online travel site. During five years at Travelocity.com, he managed global hotel chain partnerships and led the launch of the Caribbean and European hotel product, as well as media sales and merchandising for those regions. Prior to that, he helped craft the voice and negotiate international supplier deals at the startup Site59.com, which was acquired by Travelocity in 2002. An epic, around-the-world trip prompted him to leave a promising sales career at Xerox in 2000 for a life in travel. A Harvard graduate, Tedd played professional basketball in Germany and has kept traveling, picking up bits of German, Swahili, Italian, Indonesian and mostly Spanish along the way. His passion for travel has taken him to destinations in more than 65 countries on six continents. When he’s not traveling, Tedd enjoys time with his family in Washington DC, playing basketball and spinning the occasional DJ set.

Pierre Alzon – Partner & Managing Director, Europe

Based in Paris, Pierre joins the TripTuner adventure in 2012 after a pioneering career in the French online travel business. Early in '96, he fled the corporate accounting cubicles to create Degriftour.com, the first travel booking website in France. Since then he's never stopped looking for innovative ways to bring travelers' dreams to life and explore more of the world. After Degriftour was acquired by lastminute.com, Pierre continued his passion for travel with senior executive positions there and at Terres d'Aventure, Travelocity (where he met our founder Tedd Evers) and at Voyages-sncf.com. He embraced the online world from its infancy to become a European thought-leader on the digital economy, which he continues as President of ACSEL, a major French digital trade association. Through his career and as a trekking specialist, he's experienced a wide variety of travel: floating down the Nile on a small felucca with his family…diving Koh Phi Phi in Thailand...an eco-lodge safari in the Tarangire National Park of Tanzania...walking in Tibet…or just tending to the cider orchards in Normandy. With so many places to go, he believes we need a TripTuner to help us sort through the options to create an amazing travel wishlist. Naturally, we agree and are delighted to have him join us with a certain je ne sais quoi!

FRANZ WISNER – Editor-At-Large

New York Times Bestselling author Franz Wisner lends editorial guidance, thorough destination knowledge, and a great sense of humor to TripTuner. Although we’ve bestowed a title on him, he has no idea what to label his profession. Writer? Travel addict? Professional dumpee? In addition to How the World Makes Love, he is the author of Honeymoon with My Brother (St. Martin’s Press), a New York Times best-selling memoir about the two-year, 53-country honeymoon he took with his brother Kurt after being left at the altar by his fiancée. The brothers have told their offbeat tale on Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, and Fox News, among others. Based in Brooklyn, Franz has also penned essays for NPR, Redbook, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Toronto Globe and Mail and Coast Magazine. Find more on Franz at www.storydrivenink.com.

BECKY YOUMAN - Contributing Editor

Becky’s writing career grew out of the decade that she lived, worked, and traveled in Mexico and various locales in South America. Her books on Latin America include Liquid Mexico – Festive Spirits, Tequila Culture & the Infamous Worm, a travelogue that explores the locales and history related to Mexico’s most famous libations; Open Road’s Chile Guide; and Open Road’s Ecuador & Galapagos Guide. She is also the author of Open Road’s Best of Arizona, a frequent contributor to Alaska and Horizon Airline’s in-flight magazines, and a former writer for Travelocity.com and vacations.com. When not traveling the globe, she now splits her time between Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition to being a world traveler, she is a mom, wife, mountain biker, surfer, yogini, tequila aficionada, and bookworm.

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